Blackberry Messenger for PC, Laptop | Download (BBM) for Windows 7/8/10

By | March 20, 2017

BBM for PC: There are several messaging services in the market. Now a day there is no mobile devices are seen without messaging services. Whatsapp, WeChat etc have taken the world by storm. Among these there is another one service that is emerging as one of the dominant in the market it is the Blackberry Messenger. This messenger service at first was introduced only the Blackberry users. This messenger connected all the Blackberry users to each other. But due to high demand of this messenger service, it is not made available to the Android users as well. Blackberry users can chat and video call all of their friends, regardless of mobile platform.

BBM for PC

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Download Blackberry Messenger for PC, Laptop & Windows 7/8/10:

Yes! Now you can use BBM for PC Windows 10 as well. You need to follow few steps and you are ready to use BBM in your PC. Let us see what these steps are.

  1. To use BBM in our PC we need third party software installed. Without that software BBM cannot be installed in our PC. That software is called “Emulator”or “Bluestacks” .
  2. BlueStacks is an app that allows you to download all the apps that are present in the Google Playstore. But only the free apps. So, once you download BlueStacks, you can easily download BBM.
  3. Downloading BlueStacks is very simple. You need to go to your desired browser and type in the web address This is the official website to download BlueStacks.
  4. There are many other websites that may offer you download link to BlueStacks. But these links come with the risk of getting malware in your PC which can harm your computer. So to avoid that it is suggested that you download BlueStacks from the official site only.
  5. When you enter the official site, there is an “Install” button. Click on that install button to start the installation of the executable setup file.
  6. This setup file will not take too much time to download as it is of very less size. If you internet is fast enough the download will be completed in mere few seconds.
  7. Once the download in completed, run the setup file. It will guide you through the steps of installing BlueStacks in your PC.
  8. This installation will take several minutes because all the files of the BlueStacks should be properly installed for the proper functioning of it.
  9. You can continue doing your work till the installation is going on provided you do not shut down or restart you pc by mistake.
  10. After BlueStacks is downloaded, run the app. You will be asked for log in. You can log in with your Google Playstore ID.
  11. Once you are logged in you will find the interface same as that of the Google Playstore.
  12. In the top you will find a search bar. In the search bar type “Blackberry Messenger App”.
  13. BlueStacks will immediately performs the search for you and present you with your desired results.
  14. The top result for Blackberry Messenger is the one we desires. The other results that BlueStacks shows us are the apps that have similar features as that of BBM.bbm
  15. Click on the top result. It will redirect you to the Blackberry messenger for PC page. There you will find the button for installation
  16. Whenever you are ready hit that button to start the installation of Blackberry messenger in your PC. The app is of few MC hence, it should not take much time to install but it is entirely dependent on your net speed.
  17. You can sit back and relax because BlueStacks will inform you as soon as the installation is complete.
  18. Once the app is installed it is time to create your account on BBM messenger. To make an account you need profile name, E-mail and password.bbm
  19. To verify your BBM app account you need to conform email message verification. Then synchronize your all chat contacts with BBM messenger app account.
  20. Once you are done, you will get a unique pin code to start chatting with our friends. Share that unique pin with your friends to start conversation.


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Features of Blackberry Messenger for PC:

  1. BBM is one of the best apps that you can use to share your messages. It does not have any character or word limit set so you can write as huge messages as you want.
  2. You can even share images and videos with other users. The added advantage is, in other messaging services the image quality gets distorted and you cannot transfer HD pictures. But in case of BBM you can easily send HD images.
  3. BBM takes care of your privacy at every point. So, you can choose to share your content with whoever you want to. You can even have the option to block the annoying people from your lost.
  4. BBM gives you option to delete and retract your chat from your chatting history.
  5. There are several stickers and pictures that can make you express yourself well.
  6. BBM also gives you option for voice calling in Android and iOS platform.
  7. If you are not in roaming, the data charges are minimal in BBM messenger while BBM voice call.
  8. You can create group channels with your group members. This is an exclusive feature provided by Blackberry messenger only. You can share your ideas and thoughts via your group channel.
  9. Videos less than 16MB can be easily sent by BBM.
  10. We get an option to enable free video calls with our best buddies using this free and best chatting app BBM.
  11. BBM also has a special feature that is BBM pin. Using this pin we can start chat with our friends and we can see friends profile using that top BBM pin.

No doubt Blackberry messenger for Windows comes with many interesting features. So, it is not surprising that it is one of the best messaging apps in the market. Do not hesitate to try this app.

Blackberry Messenger for PC, Laptop | Download (BBM) for Windows 7/8/10
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